Postcards from Ragora, Episode ???+1 – The Lollipop War

A brief retelling of our game session played on July 3rd, 2020. As with any ongoing saga, it starts in the middle.

The Bore Leviathans of Ragora, enormous worms the size of mountains marching across the black mold meadows between the great mushroom forests of Fungora and Toxia. Mysterious creatures that consume the brains of a dying god and excrete objects from alternate realities. The treasures they defecate is what drives the entire economy of the Skull, wars have been waged over the salvage rights of the “tihs mrow”. The Devlin, the race of she-devils native to Ragora, protect the Bore Leviathans fiercely to keep their culture prosperous.

Excitement was growing among the Rednaltuo tribes, Devlin nomads who wander the wastes of Ragora scrounging for salvage. Eno-Taf, the largest of the bore leviathans, was suffering from a bowel obstruction. It was going to pass something…big. Our intrepid players, recently exiled from “civilization” and on a run of bad luck, made a pact with Stefatos, Chieftess of the Lamek tribe: supplies and shelter for military service. Stefatos was certain with help from master assassin Robbin “The Red Handed” Corner and her Band of the Red Hand, Eno-Taf’s treasures would be hers. So the tribe saddled up their camels and rode off to Eno-Taf, roughly twenty hours travel (it’s impossible to tell time in Ragora, there is no sun inside a god’s skull).

As always, nothing went as planned. The convoy encountered Quilla the Crone, a giant cannibal hag with three foot quills for hair, collecting and devour soul larvas (maggot-like worms two to four feet long with a mortal’s head). The group lost time going around Quilla, so a rival tribe beat the Lamek to Eno-Taf. There was going to be a fight, with the winner getting squatting rights.

The rival tribe was the Ekib, a powerful tribe armed with powder-crackers (muskets) and methane fueled dirt bikes (meth-bikes). The Lamek had camels and lances and were sorely at a disadvantage. However, the Lamek did have Robbin and the Band of the Red Hand. So Robbin and her friends skulked their way to the rear of the Ekib camp and amushed the nomads. Stefatos and her lancers soon charged, and a bloody battle ensued. Eno-Taf became agitated and rolled into the battle, causing casualties on both sides. Eventually Robbin and company prevailed, and the Lamek were victorious.

Soon after the battle concluded, Eno-Taf passed it’s obstruction. It lifted it’s great tail into the air and released a immense cloud of glowing blood…and lollipops. Five million lollipops, twenty tons in total. Drifts of glowing, bloody lollipops throughout the black meadows. In a universe filled with orally fixated she-devils, twenty tons of lollipops is better than gold. As word of this historical discovery travels through Ragora, the Players troubles as just beginning.

Tippy the Time Wizard also sold his soul to the Devil and Robbin lost her demonic identity, but I’ll save that story for the next time.

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