What is this?

Hello! My name is Lou LaLonde and I’m into tabletop roleplaying games. Specifically Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, and Xcrawl. I’ve been playing DCC regularly for three years now, although I have been playing RPG’s in various forms since 1982 (I have a very vivid memory of pouring over the Fiend Folio with the Eurythmics playing on Casey Kasem’s American Top 40).

That’s me. With my vacation hat. Don’t judge the Judge.

I have always enjoyed creating things, and I want to share them with people. So I’m embarking on this half crazy idea of becoming a third party publisher, and this blog will act as my journal through the process. Writing does not come to me naturally, so I have to practice at it and having this blog will force me to write (or not, we shall see). I will also write about the adventures of my ongoing campaign Postcards from Ragora (it’s crazy, but I want to talk about that another time), some of the tricks I’ve learned making home-brewed adventures, and share with you some of the monsters my children created which I use to crush my friend’s characters with (apparently my children are diabolical). Most importantly, I’m looking for kindred spirits out there to collaborate and create with. I’m curious to see where this journey takes me.

Well, enough of introductions! Thanks for your time, see you soon (that sounds weird, I’ll work on that later).

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